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Thomas Danielczik portrait
Thomas Danielczik

Thomas Danielczik is a Boston-based Director of Photography.

He’s just as likely to be found orchestrating large-scale field or studio narrative shoots as he is to be seeking the best documentary shot by, say, dangling in a cargo net on an oil rig high above the North Sea.

He’s shot numerous highly rated specials for prime-time TV, captured the moment for documentaries and news segments for Network and Cable television, filmed vivid portraits of corporations and nonprofits, and delivered compelling footage for PSAs, music videos, and award-winning fundraising and admission videos for schools and universities.

No project is too large, small, cold, or out of the way (in his free time, Thomas likes to climb mountains for fun). As comfortable working with a large studio crew and cast as he is heading into the field with a small team for an independent or investigative piece, Thomas is often praised for his creative eye, fluid handheld abilities, and his calm, congenial manner.


A native of Germany, Thomas is bilingual in English and German.

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